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""You look suspiciously alert this morning," Daria replied to Jane, as she led the way upstairs instead of following her out to another miserable day at high school, "did you go to bed at all?""Sleep is for losers, I come from a higher plane of existence," Jane replied, opening the door to Trent's room.It took her a while to realize that, annoying as her mother's meaning might have been, there was some truth to it. Luckily for her this time, Quinn's half-digested hot dog did not end up accessorizing her shirt and shoes.But even the 'if only's' were painful to ponder about.

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Everyone has a story and Jane was an awesome character to me. This can also be read as a kind of companion piece to Changes, so enjoy!

I never understood why Daria and Trent never spoke after she and Tom got together. There was like one scene with her, Jane and Trent before Trent went to help O'Neal with posters. This Spiral is going on tour (this picks up where Changes ended) and the things that they see and do.

So join them in what I hope will be a fun time, on the road.

My night with Trent Lane Daria shut the door before her cheeks became a darker shade of red.

The overwhelming feeling of embarrassment made her lower her gaze as she made her way to her bedroom, brushing aside the opportunity to inject a sardonic comment to something her sister Quinn was saying at the moment.

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